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When should I open an issue versus a pull request (PR)?

Open PR

Some examples of when you may want to open a PR:

  • Correct misspellings
  • Fix broken links
  • Add definitions/nuance/translations to words that exist on the site already but are undefined/partially defined/could use more nuance
  • Resolve issues that already exist

Generally speaking, if you know how to open a PR in order to fix the issue, doing that is best. However, we recognise that it requires knowledge of GitHub and code to some degree, which is a form of gatekeeping. We're currently working on ways to improve/remove this barrier to entry. We also are always willing to help if you'd like to learn. Reach out via our Slack community

Open Issue

Some examples of when you may want to open an issue:

  • Are not sure how to open a PR but have a suggestion
  • Express concern or ask a question around a term that you don't have clear prescriptive feedback around
  • Add a new term that is not yet listed (with or without definition)
  • Add or enhance a feature that you're unsure is desired

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