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Development & Build

This guide will walk you through the current state of the development config. Things get a bit technical here. 🤖

All file names, except stated differently, are relative to the project root.

We are using Eleventy to generate the site based on the given definitions. As a module bundle we use Parcel.

We’ve compiled a list of contribution guidelines to help you start working on the project.


You will need to have Node and Git installed on your machine. To start developing please create a fork of the root repository.

Afterwards, install the dependencies.

npm install

That’s it, actually.

Development Mode

To start the dev server run this command:

npm run serve

This will start Eleventy’s development server and watch the CSS entry point for changes. The output in the console will show the local URL to use.

Eleventy Config

Configuration for Eleventy (e.g. filters and collections) are defined in .eleventy.js.


To build the production site run

npm run build

This will generate a minified CSS bundle as well as run Eleventy’s production build. Build files are located in dist.