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the continued influence and impact of colonial-era ideologies and practices in a country or region by former dependencies, generally enforced by its own government and/or citizens as a lingering effect of colonialism


Neo-colonialism is a modern and more pervasive form of imposing ideological and economic dominance on a country after it has been declared independent from its coloniser. The stealth nature of neo-colonialism can be traced to treaties, agreements, and ideologies that have been imparted from the oppressors onto the oppressed from previous dependencies.


In most African nations that were colonised by the British empire, western countries' ideals are seen as civilized and the best representation of societal progress. Standards of living that are ancestral are often dismissed as uncivilised and unconventional, erasing what is often thousands of years of culture.

Governments limiting freedom of speech and other civil liberties of their citizens. A recent manifestation of this is seen in the 2020 #EndSARS campaign in Nigeria.

See also: colonialism

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