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or, bi erasure; the questioning or denial of the existence or legitimacy of Bisexuality; the shortened form of "bisexual erasure"


  • Telling a bi person that they're going through a phase or are confused
  • Falsely connoting being bi with a certain sexual status or gender—bi people can be asexual, monogamous, polygamous and/or cis or trans, non-binary, agender, etc. Being bi-sexual does not necessitate other characteristics of identity
  • Questioning our "queerness" because of our current partner (when a bi woman is with a man, for one example)
  • Using phrases like "Bi now, gay later"
  • Saying bisexuality isn't real
  • Excluding us from LGBTQ+ conversations


"Bi+ people experience discrimination from both heterosexual and sexual minority communities, related to repeatedly needing to “come out” as bi+.

This double discrimination can lead to isolation and loneliness, which can be harmful for mental health." — Sabra Katz-Wise

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